A friend asked me to sum up my thoughts on the openly rebellious push-back against our duly elected provincial government by responding to the following comment:

“Jordan Peterson stated in an interview a few months ago that he fully expects the education system will fully collapse in about three years due to its left-wing, destructive direction it has taken. Any thoughts on that? ”

I have since asked my friend to provide the reference for this statement by Jordan Peterson and he will dig it up so I can review what Jordan Peterson said in full context.

That being said Jordan Peterson has much to say about the failure of public education that needs to be heard:

What follows is my response to my friend’s question –  I don’t think that we are watching anything collapse.  Collapse would be better than watching the educational system being co-opted by ideologues who are determined to socially engineer our children. We are in the middle of a war and the educational system is just one front.  Right now, deeply entrenched ideological groups have almost hijacked our social governance – the current push back that Doug Ford is contending with shows how serious the situation is.
I would say the education system has already collapsed – and few see it and those that do, fewer still will admit it.  It’s time to recover lost ground by defending what we have (support our government) and  find safety for our children in alternative modes of schooling if all else fails.
Share these links and my response if you think they will help address this terrible collapse of a once great educational system and prevent the collapse of our democratic institutions of governance.