This procession has got to go on!

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We are living in a time that has been taken over by a gigantic scam. Everyone knows it but there are few brave enough to call it out. And when they do, they are ‘cancelled.‘ Cancel culture has made us fearful and backward as a society;

When friends are willing to ignore and shun one another without engaging in conversation, a clear danger emerges: debate begins to die. If people are not willing to address opposing beliefs, progress will be halted.


This gigantic scam is perpetrated on us by ‘woke activists’ and some political leaders are calling it out;

Quebec Premier François Legault, took to Facebook this weekend to voice his concerns on the growing problem of cancel culture, woke leftism and “radical militants” in the province. . . .

Quebec’s Premier stated that cancel culture is the work of a handful of radical activists whose goal is to censor certain words and actions. He added that he is concerned that cancel culture is infiltrating the mainstream in Quebec, and that this American movement does not represent the values of Quebecers.


But a few leaders exposing the scam isn’t enough. There are always other leaders more willing to politically capitalize on perpetuating the scam. There is always enough of a population ‘woke’ and willing to vote for them.

There’s a great story by Hans Christian Andersen about a vain and fickle emperor who gets taken by two scam artists Not only does the emperor get taken in by the scam but his ministers and subjects are as well.

Wikipedia provides a summary of the plot;

Two swindlers arrive at the capital city of an emperor who spends lavishly on clothing at the expense of state matters. Posing as weavers, they offer to supply him with magnificent clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent. The emperor hires them, and they set up looms and go to work. A succession of officials, and then the emperor himself, visit them to check their progress. Each sees that the looms are empty but pretends otherwise to avoid being thought a fool. Finally, the weavers report that the emperor’s suit is finished. They mime dressing him and he sets off in a procession before the whole city. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretense, not wanting to appear inept or stupid, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all. The people then realize that everyone has been fooled. Although startled, the emperor continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever.


Everybody in the story knows it’s a scam but for their own self-serving reasons don’t want to expose themselves to possible ridicule or criticism – so they go along with the foolishness.

So off went the Emperor in procession under his splendid canopy. Everyone in the streets and the windows said, “Oh, how fine are the Emperor’s new clothes! Don’t they fit him to perfection? And see his long train!” Nobody would confess that he couldn’t see anything, for that would prove him either unfit for his position, or a fool. No costume the Emperor had worn before was ever such a complete success.


The scam works because of self-serving fear and lack of integrity in the population and their leaders. Not because it’s particularly diabolical or deceptive -a child can see through it;

“But he hasn’t got anything on,” a little child said.

“Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?” said its father. And one person whispered to another what the child had said, “He hasn’t anything on. A child says he hasn’t anything on.”


The child’s observation isn’t enough because the child is cancelled. But people do start whispering between themselves. And finally the truth is out in the open. But that isn’t enough;

“But he hasn’t got anything on!” the whole town cried out at last.

The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.


We are living the lesson of H.C. Andersen’s little tale. When the adults in a population who know better allow a few scam artists to take over society you get to the point where the leaders continue with the madness because ‘This procession has got to go on!’ And everybody pays the price for the Emperor’s New Clothes.

And what a price it is!

Youth Line has no business demanding that TCDSB link its website | Everyday For Life Canada

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The chutzpah to scold the largest Catholic school board in the country and tell them they cannot make independent decisions when it comes to teaching children in their care. In short, Youth Line instructs the Board: we can make better educational decisions, and you have no say in LGTBQ resources. This woke position undermines the whole separate school system, including the teaching on the person, family, marriage and human sexuality. But guess what? The Board capitulated and sided with Youth Line by re-posting the link and saying yes to more support services. Now let’s consider a sample of the Youth Line resources.. .

Youth Line has no business demanding that TCDSB link its website | Everyday For Life Canada

So far very few have had the courage to evaluate exactly what Youthline offers to children and young people as “online resources.” This isn’t about truth for many woke people – it’s about political correctness and virtue signalling. And the children will pay the price!

What deception is this!

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Jesus warned about the time we live in; “And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. ” (Matthew 24:10,11) These are indeed the times we live in. Many are offended and political correctness rules with a brutish hand. There are many false prophets and there is much deciption.

Michael Coren’s attack on Cardinal Muller is a case in point. Michael Coren is offended and betrays another cleric with an ad hominem attack – an attack on his character and the character of Cardinal Muller’s church;

In a new interview, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — what was in more robust times known as the Roman Catholic inquisition — has made a quite extraordinary statement about the U.S. and President Joe Biden.

“Now the U.S., with its conglomerated political, media and economic power,” he says, “stands at the head of the most subtly brutal campaign to de-Christianize Western culture in the last 100 years.”

That century, of course, included the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and numerous other murderous dictators, the slaughter of millions of innocent people, and attempts as genocide. It also included the rape of countless children by clergy in the cardinal’s own church, and the elaborate and long-term attempt by that church to deny and disguise those hideous crimes.

So, the statement is one of quite breathtaking insensitivity, inaccuracy, and, in fact, sheer cruelty. I, for one, am deeply critical of the U.S. and many of its values, but modesty and accuracy are vital in all this.

source: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2021/02/01/bidens-refusal-to-condemn-abortion-elicits-abhorrent-statement-from-cardinal-muller.html

Michael Coren’s attack isn’t on the truth value of Cardinal Muller’s statement. Rather, it is a nasty attack on the Cardinal and the Catholic church. With a nice bit of ‘virtue signalling’ at the end; ‘I, for one, am deeply critical of the U.S. and many of its values, but modesty and accuracy are vital in all this.’ Cohen is like the Pharisee in the Bible who praises himself that he is not like other men (Luke 18:11) all the while being just as prone to error and inaccuracy.

How is Michael Cohen inaccurate? Consider his patronizing and inaccurate statement made in the same attack on Cardinal Muller:

Jesus never mentions abortion, and nor is it condemned in the entire Bible, which as you might know is a fairly long book!

source: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2021/02/01/bidens-refusal-to-condemn-abortion-elicits-abhorrent-statement-from-cardinal-muller.html

Michael Coren is wrong – and since he portrays himself as a cleric who is familiar with the Bible – I can only assume he is deliberately deceptive in this statement. He should and does know better. The Bible has a lot to say about the value of life, the value of babies and motherhood. Here are twelve such verses;

for a download click on https://scrapbookwithtony.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/bible-verses-about-abortion.pdf

Why would a cleric like Michael Coren mislead people about what the Bible says on abortion? Cardinal Muller sheds some light on the matter;

Anyone who relativizes the clear acknowledgment of the sacredness of every human life with tactical games, sophistries and window dressing because of political preferences, publicly opposes the Catholic faith. Vatican II and all the popes down to Francis have described the deliberate killing of a child before or after birth as a most grievous violation of God’s commandments.

source: https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2021/01/28/cardinal-muller-discusses-president-biden-pro-abortion-politicians-and-the-bishops/

Does Michael Coren like to beat the drum of ‘pro choice’ because people hear that and see what a great guy his is? Or is he just another deceiver and rebel against God that looks like a shepherd. Or is he both? These are important questions for sheep like us!

What do you think?

Let Jesus have the last word;

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

When Moral Confusion leads children astray and then punishes them

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The latest ‘update’ from the Toronto Catholic School Board on their unfortunate decision to re-instate a link to Youthline and thereby provide access to inappropriate material is a case of moral confusion. They need the guidance of the church but they don’t seem to be hearing it.

We live in a time of great moral confusion. Why? How did it happen? Richard E. Simmons provides insight into these questions:

I recently watched a documentary in which a news reporter and a cameraman were asking a simple question of passersby on the street: “How do you determine what is right and wrong?” Most of the people were dumbfounded by the question and struggled to come up with a coherent answer. It struck me as to how modern people are so morally confused.

The reason is that so many individuals believe that moral truth is merely subjective. They believe it comes from within the heart, and that it is an inner feeling that you discover for yourself. “It is my truth.” “It is true for me, but it might not be true for you.”

It’s so easy to see how this view of morality results in moral confusion. Clearly it makes few demands on a person’s life. . . .

Lewy makes a strong argument that biblical morality makes a difference when it is followed out in the real world. The only way to explain the outcome of his research is to recognize that when people’s lives are lined up with the objective structure of God’s moral law, they are happier and healthier.

Source: https://thecenterbham.org/2014/02/10/moral-confusion/

Moral confusion also allows people to sidestep responsibilities for their actions while virtue signalling about it. The latest ‘update’ from the Director and Chair of the Toronto Catholic School Board is a case in point;

Following a meeting between our Superintendent of Equity and YouthLine, the link to YouthLine was reposted and a LGBTQ+ resource page for students is being developed. We also recognize that staff and students may have access to content from sources outside of the Board and direct partners, which is why we added an external links notice on our webpages.

Source: https://www.tcdsb.org/Board/BoardAdministration/DirectorofEducation/Documents/tcdsb-updated-statement-director-of-education-chair-board-jan-2021.pdf

The Director and the Chair of the Board both acknowledge that they are providing a pathway to questionable content and admit their need to provide an additional ‘external links notice on their webpages.‘ In their moral confusion about providing a pathway to porn they think that the problem is solved. How will an elementary school child or youth in high school be protected from ‘access to content from sources outside the Board and direct partners?’ This is no protection but do they think it absolves them from responsibility? Do they think they can sidestep their moral obligation to protect children and young people from possible harm from inappropriate websites especially if it is acknowledged by the board and apparent to all?

The Director and Chair of the Toronto Catholic District School Board obviously think so – they conclude their ‘update’ with this bit of virtue signalling;

We are called to love and celebrate one another, just as God loves and celebrates each one of us. We honour the inherent dignity in each other by treating one another with care, compassion, and respect.

source: https://www.tcdsb.org/Board/BoardAdministration/DirectorofEducation/Documents/tcdsb-updated-statement-director-of-education-chair-board-jan-2021.pdf

How does providing a pathway to websites that encourage young people to get into the sex trade or exposes children to a smut site ‘honour the inherent dignity in each other by treating one another with care, compassion, and respect?’

What is the possible ‘fall out’ of their sidestepping? Any TCDSB elementary school child or high school youth surfing the internet, perhaps riding the wave of the TCDSB’s pathway to Youthline, will run afoul of the Board’s own Acceptable Use Policy and possibly be punished for it:

 Inappropriate Content – Users will not use the Board’s system to access or distribute material that is profane or obscene (pornography), that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people (hate literature). Special exceptions may be made if the purpose of such access is to conduct legitimate research, learning and both the teacher and the parent have provided prior approval for access.

Electronic Communication System- Acceptable Use Policy–A.29source

Moral confusion and sidestepping responsibility often results in the innocent being harmed and then paying the price for that harm.

Resource Primer on Gender Activism in Ontario Schools – a collection of material

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The following is collection of resources developed over the years dealing with the issue of Gender Ideology activism in the public school system. There is more in my blog but I thought these would be helpful to readers trying to understand this complex issue that has beset our school system and threatens the well-being of our children.

  • Open letter to my MPP: “The truth has now come out and citizens of Ontario are seeing the darker side of what Youthline offers school age children. Youthline Exposed – is gaining considerable notice and concern among parents and tax payers. This is a shocking video which is at times explicit with Youthline sexualized material and all the more shocking because school boards are providing access to this site for children!” https://scrapbookwithtony.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/letter-to-jim-mcdonell-mpp.pdf
  • Letter to school board superintendent: “His conclusion that these ‘materials’ are beneficial to students by classifying them as valid educational resources is very disturbing. Moreover, it sidesteps any accountability on the part of the School Board with regards to the possible risk LGBT Youthline materials and their peer support ‘advice’ may expose vulnerable young people and children to. Could the Superintendent be sidestepping because he doesn’t want to give a direct and honest answer to the questions in the previous paragraph and expose the school board to being held accountable?” https://scrapbookwithtony.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/reply-to-letter-from-d.-coombs-april-23-2019.pdf


  • Youthline exposed: “Check out the real Youthline – What do you think? If you think the material made available to students is inappropriate then call your local school board trustee – ask him or her if your school board site has a link to Youthline (or any site like it.) If they do – voice your opinion and ask them to remove it for the protection of the children in the community. To take no action and remain silent is to let the loudest have control over your child’s education.”https://youtu.be/ML9vyh9Ctwc
  • News Flash – Toronto Catholic School Board removes link to Youthline: “If you think the Youthline material exposed in this video is inappropriate then call your local school board trustee – ask him or her if your school board site has a link to Youthline or any site like it. If they do – voice your opinion and ask them to remove it for the protection of the children in the community. To take no action and remain silent is to let the loudest have control over your child’s education.”https://youtu.be/-HB3Eg82jis



Slide Shows

If you find this ‘primer’ helpful please share with other concerned parents, community members, school board trustees and officials, as well as your MPP.

TCDSB allows children to access homosexual pornography – Campaign Life Coalition

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This from Campaign Life Coalition . . .

How bad is the pornographic content? The LGBT Youthline website contains a link to Autostraddle, a website directed towards children and young adults that contains pornography, instructions on hetero and homosexual sex (including dangerous vaginal ‘fisting’ practices), erotic literature, and the sale of dildos and vibrators. For an affordable price a child can become a member to gain access to even more sexual content and join the community! Other links from Youthline promote “sex work” and “cruising” for casual sex at parks, public washrooms and bathhouses. The Youthline site was discovered by retired school Principal, Anthony Kiar, who made a video to expose the inappropriate nature of the “resource” link. His original video was removed from YouTube, but you can see an updated version by clicking here. The Corriere Canadese newspaper then published a story, based on the revelations in Kiar’s video, which caused the school board to briefly remove the link from its site on January 8.  

TCDSB allows children to access homosexual pornography

People are waking up to what the ‘woke’ are doing!

An Open Letter to my MPP regarding Youthline

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I encourage concerned parents and tax payers to do the same. If we don’t speak out – who will.

click to expand; https://scrapbookwithtony.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/letter-to-jim-mcdonell-mpp.pdf

How long will the Catholic School System remain Catholic?

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Some think that since the Catholic School System is enshrined in the Canadian constitution it will always be and always be Catholic. Will this narrow, legalistic view withstand the political and social reality of our day?

As to the political reality, scholars point out;

In Canada, full public funding in provinces such as Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, are not only provided to public secular schools, but also to Catholic separate schools based on previously established constitutional provisions (Canadian Constitution Act, 1867). So despite their religious affiliation, these Canadian Catholic separate schools are under the mandates of local, provincial, and federal government.”

source: “Beyond the Dialectics and Polemics: Canadian Catholic Schools Addressing LGBT Youth Issues” https://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1379&context=psychology_fac_articles

As to the social reality, a Catholic School Board Trustee’s comments provide clarity;

As a Catholic school system, if we’re going to maintain our legitimacy, we have to be willing, in the province of Ontario, to be a little bit flexible on some of things around Catholic dogma. I’m not saying that we need to reject the church’s teaching, I think there’s an appropriate place for us to teach those teachings, I’m sure the classroom is fine. But I think, when we start getting pressure from the bishops that isn’t in the interest of our students, it’s going to make a less safe environment, and it’s going to put some students in a position where they don’t have all the supports they need. It’s going to put our school system in the light of saying “We’re pushing up against the Human Rights Code, we’re pushing up against the consensus of Ontario society about being a safe space for all.” And I [also] think, we as a Catholic school system, if we are serious about maintaining legitimacy and our Catholic funding, then we need to be able to say to the bishops, “This is Ontario, we need to go on a little bit different route.” . . . We need to recognize that the Catholic Church and the Catholic school system may not always line up perfectly, if we’re going to fit effectively as a [publicly] funded institution.

Source: Ibid (p.174)

Current events tell us just how flexible a Catholic School Board is willing to be – it is willing under pressure to provide access on its school board website to an LGBTQ website that features smut on the grounds that these are ‘necessary resources’ for LGBTQ youth. I don’t think the Toronto Catholic District School Board ever carefully checked out the contents of this particular LGBTQ site before removing the link or even after reinstating it;

This is quite an example of ‘the Catholic Church and the Catholic school system not lining up,’ and a significant departure between the two, in my opinion.

Current events have also shown us what can happen should an Ontario School Board Trustee or delegate disagree with ‘flexibility’ on Catholic Doctrine, they will quickly be bullied into line with the politically correct doctrine;

Another academic puts the position of Ontario Catholic School Board Trustees into sharp focus;

Because of trustees’ publicly-elected status, Canadian Catholic schools are therefore legally accountable to provincial governments rather than church authorities. Canadian Catholic schools do have a constitutionally protected mandate to offer educational policy and curriculum in keeping with Catholic canonical law, or doctrine, but these elements of Catholic education must not clash with Canadian common law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982).

source: Law and Disorder: Ontario Catholic Bishops’ Opposition to Gay-Straight Alliances, https://journals.sfu.ca/pie/index.php/pie/article/view/405

The LGBTQ activists have no intention of letting up with the pressure on Ontario Catholic Schools. They intend to occupy them all. The LGBTQ Youline’s #DoBetter campaign is a case in point;


Let’s #DoBetter in Ontario Catholic Schools We are so grateful for the outpouring of support this week and throughout the years. We know your support means so much for the thousands of youth who are watching, wondering if they are loved and supported. https://youthline.ca/…/lets-dobetter-in-ontario…/This last week highlighted major gaps in supports for 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Catholic Schools across Ontario. Today, we are asking you to help us, as a province, to #DoBetter.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/dobetter

LGBTQ activists through Youthline have their sights set on ideologically colonizing every Catholic School Board and school in Ontario. And it appears that if the Catholic Church doesn’t confront this ‘territory grab’ the activists will succeed.

How long will it take? And how many children will be hurt in the process?

Youth Line has no business demanding that TCDSB link its website | Everyday For Life Canada

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I hope parents begin to see what is happening in the school system under the guise of education. They need to take action to protect the health, safety and souls of their children.

 Lou Iacobelli comment on https://scrapbookwithtony.wordpress.com/2021/01/17/not-responsible/

Note, how Youth Line didn’t merely ask the Board to reinstate the link or try answer pornographic concerns raised by the Corriere Canadese article, but just demanded they do so. The statement has nothing to say about how the sexual explicit material, that is available on its site, is ever appropriate for young learners. Instead, the response attacks anyone who dares to question Youth Line resources as being homophobic, bigoted and intolerant. The idea is to silence the opposition. It’s also worth knowing that Youth Line resources are for those as old as 29. Students in the school system are much younger than 29. The majority are minors, and the age of consent in Canada is 16. 


Not Responsible

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What would you think of an organization that provides access to a website that promotes ‘online resources’ containing material that is highly sexualized and provides information for young people to get into sex work? And then seeks to avoid any accountability by making a disclaimer that they are not responsible for any ‘third party’ content!

This is what the Toronto Catholic District School Board and LGBTQ Youthline are planning according to Urbi Khan who tweeted on Jan 15; “On Jan. 13 – TCDSB and @LGBTYouthLine had a meeting and the link to the resource was reinstated. Berkha Gupta, the exec dir of YouthLine told the Star that a content warning will be put in place that TCDSB or YouthLine are not responsible for any third-party content.

Given the TCDSB’s decision to re-instate Youthlline on its website people should be made aware of what Youthline actually offers young people. As a retired teacher and principal of 30 years in Ontario, I think the hidden face of LGBTQ Youthline should be revealed – the face behind their ‘quick hide’ – I created this video to help show parents what is behind the curtain of political correctness and identity politics that shields Youthline from scrutiny;

An organization may be able to legally avoid accountability for irresponsibly providing access to ‘third party porn’ or highly questionable and sexualized material with a disclaimer especially if it has a lot of money for sharp lawyers. But what about moral responsibility and accountability to God? One would think that the Toronto Catholic School Board would have some sense of being accountable to God. Here is what Jesus says about providing highly sexualized material to children and young people:

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!

Matthew 18:6,7

What do you think?

If you have children within the Toronto Catholic District School Board and this concerns you, protect your child’s safety and make your views known – call your local trustee.

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