COVID-19: Most patients in Toronto ICU unvaccinated | CTV News – REALITY CHECK!

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You can’t generalize the Toronto situation and apply it to all of Ontario – yet many do and this leads to much confusion and poor leadership and policy decisions.

Hospital officials say they are doing their best to prepare for a rise in critically ill patients, highlighting that their ICU’s would be 50 or even 70 per cent less busy treating COVID if more people would get their vaccinations.

COVID-19: Most patients in Toronto ICU unvaccinated | CTV News

If you take a look at the actual data for Ontario updated Jan 13 2022 the ICU’s would only by 10 % less busy if there were no unvaccinated people in them due to Covid 19.

Here is my Reality Check –

Download a pdf copy

Politicians, their appointed public health care bureaucrats and the news media are constantly promoting the myth that the unvaccinated are clogging up ICU beds – Why? And why are so few Canadian reporters not checking the data for themselves and holding them accountable?

What do you think?

Are vaccinated people getting hospitalized with Omicron? Your COVID-19 questions answered | CBC News – REALITY CHECK!!!!

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It’s time for a reality check!

National data shows that between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 18, 2021, about 80 per cent of people hospitalized and 76 per cent of people who died with COVID-19 were unvaccinated. When looking at the number of hospitalizations by vaccination status, it’s important to remember that the number of vaccinated people in Canada is many times higher than the number of unvaccinated people. This graphic illustrates why only looking at the raw numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated hospitalized COVID-19 patients might be misleading: Bogoch said rising number of hospitalizations is the “sad reality of when you start to see … very, very high case numbers.” He said that a “small percentage of a massive number of people infected” ends up being a lot of people who need medical attention.

Are vaccinated people getting hospitalized with Omicron? Your COVID-19 questions answered | CBC News

This is a sad case of misrepresenting the data. The statement ‘between Dec. 14 2020, and Dec 18, 2021 about 80 percent of people hospitalized and 76 percent of people who died with COVID-19 were unvaccinated’ is not in dispute. That being said the reason most people getting sick and dying were unvaccinated in that time period is that vaccinations didn’t start in earnest until July of 2021 were by the end of that month only 50 percent of Canadians were vaccinated. It is disingenuous to suggest vaccinations protected people for that period when they were only brought in during the latter part of the time in question.


CBC goes on to report on the current situation where the vaccinated now far outnumber the unvaccinated and it is misleading to compare only raw numbers. They provide this graphic to illustrate the point;


If we look at the rate of infection of the unvaccinated vs the rate of infection of the vaccinated a picture emerges that totally exposes the current myth promoted by the news media and politicians – that myth being that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. We need only to look at the Ontario Public Health data:


Cleary even someone with the dimmest of eyesight can see that Covid 19 in Ontario is a pandemic of the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike with the rate of infection of the vaccinated exceeding that of the unvaccinated and many more vaccinated people are getting hospitalized. I hope some day CBC and other news media will start checking the claims of public health experts and politicians against the actual data. If I can do it so can any properly trained journalist.

Given the current discussions by politicians and their appointed public health bureaucrats wishing to shift public attention from the crisis of hospital and pandemic mismanagement by scapegoating the unvaccinated, a realty check is much needed.

Legault also floated the possibility of a tax on unvaccinated residents, which helped shift the focus away from a difficult stretch for the premier and his government.

Quebec faces calls for transparency, greater scientific rigour after public health director’s resignation, Benjamin Shingler · CBC News · Posted: Jan 12, 2022

For those honest Canadian citizens who desire science based, fact driven policy that is open and not driven by hate or scapegoating I have created a Reality Check fact sheet as well.

It really is time for CBC and main stream media to start checking their stories against the data and other scientific opinion that has so far been silenced and cancelled. Our continued health and democracy depend on it.

What do you think?

The Emperor must be getting chilled by now!

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“Two swindlers arrive at the capital city of an emperor who spends lavishly on clothing at the expense of state matters. Posing as weavers, they offer to supply him with magnificent clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent. The emperor hires them, and they set up looms and go to work. A succession of officials, and then the emperor himself, visit them to check their progress. Each sees that the looms are empty but pretends otherwise to avoid being thought a fool. Finally, the weavers report that the emperor’s suit is finished. They mime dressing him and he sets off in a procession before the whole city. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretense, not wanting to appear inept or stupid, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all. The people then realize that everyone has been fooled. Although startled, the emperor continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor%27s_New_Clothes

We have many emperors at the provincial and federal level. This is one of the mysteries of modern woke democracies – we have no king but there are many courtiers who rule more and more aspects of our daily life and we didn’t vote them in. They tell us to wear masks when we go out. They tell us that only the vaccinated can go out to public places for fun and entertainment. They tell us when nobody including the vaccinated can go out. They tell us all to get an inoculation so we can be free and get back to normal even though it doesn’t work and things are far from normal. They speak with one voice – like the BORG – emperor HIVE MIND says ‘Resistance is futile.’

I resist and others do too. People are beginning to see our collective emperor HIVE MIND has no clothes on! Yet his many heads keep insisting on the narrative – ‘take the JAB and all will be well – don’t be like those who won’t they are the problem.’

Prime Minister Trudeau says

“It’s not just about governments and health workers frustrated that there are Canadians who still continue to choose to not get vaccinated. It’s fellow Canadians as well,” . . . .

“When people see that we are in lockdowns or serious public health restrictions right now because of the risk posed to all of us by unvaccinated people, people get angry.”

Trudeau says Canadians are ‘angry’ and ‘frustrated’ with the unvaccinated, Peter Zimonjic · CBC News · Posted: Jan 05, 2022

Of course our Prime Minister blames the unvaccinated for the ‘vaccine’ failure because no Emperor admits fault or pays attention to science or data. Our World in Data gives a clear picture of how a vaccine dosage rate of 200 per 100, hasn’t stopped the surge in Covid 19. The risk of serious illness (ICU) and death per million doesn’t hardly register when a uniform y-axis is used to make the data comparable. But that’s just a reality based approach not a politically correct WOKE perspective. The media doesn’t take that approach.


Another WOKE courtier, Federal Health Minister Duclos says:

What we see now is that our health care system in Canada is fragile. Our people are tired and the only way as we know through COVID–19, be it this variant or any future variant, is through vaccination, . . .

I see in my own province 50 per cent of hospitalizations now in Quebec are due to people not having been vaccinated,” he said. “That’s a burden on healthcare workers, a burden on society which is very difficult to bear and for many people difficult to understand.

‘I see it coming’: Mandatory vaccinations on the horizon, federal health minister says, Ryan Tumilty, Michael Higgins, Jan 07, 2022

Quebec doesn’t give an officcial breakdown of hospitalization and ICU admissions by vaccination status (that I can find) so I can’t confirm Minister Duclos’ statement that the unvaccinated are clogging up Quebec hospitals. But the situation in Ontario is not at all like what Minister Duclos says. You would think it should be similar since we are all experiencing the same pandemic and live in the same advanced first world country.

The data from Ontario indicates that the vaccinated are by far the majority in hospitalizations and a slight the majority in the ICU.

Are the Covid patients – vaccinated or unvaccinated – clogging up the ICU beds in Ontario? Lets take a look at the data. According to the official Ontario data 58 percent of the adults in ICU are there for NON-COVID REASONS and only 20 percent are in Ontario ICUs due to Covid 19. Why is the media not reporting that?


Could it be different in Quebec? I couldn’t find a similar break down in the Quebec Public Health website. But I did find a break down for Quebec on Jan 4, 2022 in a FB post. This analysis indicates that the situation in Quebec is similar to that in Ontario – the unvaccinated are in the minority when it comes to hospitalizations and don’t clog the ICUs. Hopefully Quebec will publish more transparent data so people can verify the truth for themselves.


What ever the courtiers of emperor say, people are beginning to figure out that they have been fooled.

The Toronto Sun reports:

Ontarians have been told that the reason they have been plunged into lockdown once again is that COVID-19 is overwhelming the hospital system. While it is true that more people struggling with Omicron are now being admitted to hospital, that doesn’t tell the full stroy.

A lot of the problems, say people on the frontlines, are being worsened and even created by antiquated policies and poor management on the part of administrators.

FUREY: Here’s what’s really going on in Ontario hospitals, Anthony Furey, Jan 10, 2022

The National Post observes:

We’re the safest we’ve ever been from COVID. The vast majority of us are vaccinated and the highest-risk people have boosters. The virus has mutated into its mildest version ever. Yet, in Canada, governments are once again closing schools, locking down businesses and deploying the same fearful, knee-jerk responses they’ve always used. Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, a front-line infectious diseases specialist at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Ont., joins Anthony Furey this week to explain why it’s time to declare an end to these needless lockdowns — and to start moving towards a post-pandemic mindset, where COVID stops being the primary focus of everything we do.

Time to end our ‘warped risk perception’ of COVID: Full Comment with Anthony Furey, Postmedia News, Jan 10, 2022 

Postmedia editors call the Federal government’s push for forced vaccinations an abuse of power:

We encourage all Canadians to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but requiring them to do so is an abuse of government power.

EDITORIAL: Forced vaccination abuse of power. Postmedia News,,Jan 08, 2022  

And this I believe is the real reason the emperor’s procession goes on and on. It isn’t about science. It isn’t about facts and the data. It isn’t about you and me, vaccinated or un-vaccinated. It’s about power and holding on to it!

What do you think?

Not even a great king can stop can stop the waves. Who do you think you are?

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We have endured one wave after another and with each successive wave our rulers – great and woke though they may be – have failed in commanding the waves to stop. We were told that vaccination is the way out of this mess and that has failed. Yet our rulers continue to insist on it despite the evidence before their eyes. We citizens are beset by a legion of courtiers and sycophants who push failed agendas forward with no regard for the misery and misfortune caused.

And now our potentates are considering forcing their inoculation on us all! We need someone like the great Danish King of England to push the reset button! The people have had enough!

The Toronto Sun calls forced vaccination an abuse of power:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos have launched a campaign to put pressure on provincial governments to force millions of Canadians to get vaccinated against their will.

It started with Trudeau linking the unvaccinated to racism and misogyny because of their views, and asking rhetorically, “do we tolerate these people” on a Quebec talk show in September, similar to statements he made during the federal election. . . .

We encourage all Canadians to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but requiring them to do so is an abuse of government power.

EDITORIAL: Forced vaccination abuse of power, Postmedia News,, Jan 08, 2022  

The editors of the Toronto Sun are taking a science based approach by following the actual data, on Jan 9 2022 they reported:

We were told that vaccine passports would be our ticket out of this and that was clearly not true. Those living under the new lockdowns in Ontario and Quebec can attest to that fact. There is no reason to believe that mandatory vaccines will also be a silver bullet solution.

When it comes to the hospital data, as of Friday, three quarters of the COVID general hospital numbers and half of the ICU numbers in Ontario were made up of vaccinated persons.

EDITORIAL: Mandatory vaccines are just wrong, Postmedia News, Jan 09, 2022 

The data from Ontario show clearly shows that a tipping point has been reached and now the vaccinated are by far the majority of those who are hospitalized with Covid 19 and also make up more than half of those in ICU.

Indeed, the data clearly shows we are in a pandemic of the vaccinated as well and have been for some time:

With the Omicron wave, ordinary people are beginning to see beyond the bafflegab and elitist pronouncements. Anthony Furey a columnist for the Toronto Sun writes: 

If you haven’t come down with the mild Omicron variant yourself, you likely know several families who have and they’ve been telling you their stories.

This is already changing the way people think about and discuss COVID-19 responses. It’s making people more critical of public health measures. It’s compelling more people to ask: What’s the big deal? . . . .

It’s become something of a farce to see senior health bureaucrats and executives stand in front of the cameras and brag to us about how after almost two years of this they’re still caught off guard when a few hundred people are admitted to ICU.

If the healthcare system is at risk of collapse based on such numbers, maybe the people running the system have some explaining to do. Talk about a group of people clearly in over their heads.

FUREY: As more people get mild Omicron, they’re questioning the need for restrictions. Anthony Furey, Jan 08, 2022 

Even the National Post sees our current crop of political (mis)leaders for what they are:

Duclos said mandatory vaccination could be needed to “get rid of COVID-19,” apparently oblivious to the fact that as much as politicians wish it, we aren’t getting “rid” of the virus anytime soon. Such reasoning, though, could be used to make compulsory COVID-19 vaccination a permanent feature of Canadian life. . . .

Mandatory vaccine policies are a blunt tool aimed at covering up government ineptitude. The denial of basic civil rights has been repeatedly used to patch over political failures, and even if such intrusions were at one point justified, our leaders grow too fond of their authority.

Carson Jerema: There is no convincing case for compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations, NP Comment, Carson Jerema, Jan 07, 2022  

Canadian citizens are beginning to see what is at stake in allowing egos and big pharma money interests to dictate the course of this country.

What is at stake is our lives and livelihoods and that of our children.

Lies and scapegoating – Oh Canada!

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Yesterday the National Post published a story that is factually misleading but politically correct. The story feeds into the lie that the unvaccinated are spreading Covid 19 and clogging up the hospitals. Where are the ‘fact checkers?’

The National Post reports for Jan 7, 2022:

Ontario is reporting 2,472 patients in hospital with COVID-19, including 338 people in intensive care.

That’s up from 2,279 patients hospitalized and 319 in ICUs one day ago, and surpasses the previous peak of 2,360 people in hospital on April 20.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says 232 ICU patients are not fully vaccinated or have an unknown vaccination status, and 106 are fully vaccinated.

Ontario reports a record 2,472 patients in hospital with COVID-19, The Canadian Press, Publishing date: Jan 07, 2022 

According to the Ontario Covid 19 data website on Jan 7, 2022 there were 2472 patients in the hospital and 338 in ICU. But looking into the actual breakdown of patients by vaccination status we see that more of the patients in the ICU were fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated (106 + 17 = 123) with the unvaccinated made up the rest (119).

The number of patients in the hospital with Covid 19 but not in the ICU consisted of a huge majority of fully vaccinated (1327) with only 441 unvaccinated patients listed.

Heath Minister Christine Elliot’s statement that 232 IU patients are not fully vaccinated or have unknown vaccination status, and 106 are fully vaccinated leads one to think that most of the patients in the ICU were unvaccinated which is not the case. Most of the people in the ICU were vaccinated or partially vaccinated.

The National Post continues and presents a graphic cited as from the Ontario Science Table that doesn’t correspond to the data on the Ontario Covid 19 website.

This graphic shows that on Jan 7 about 120 unvaccinated people were in the ICU – true according to the Ontario Covid 19 data website which lists 119. But then goes on to indicate that about 110-115 were partially vaccinated – not true the Ontario Covid 19 data website lists 17. Finally the biggest ‘whopper’ this graphic suggests is that less than 30 people in ICU on Jan 7 2022 were fully vaccinated – not true according to the Ontario Covid 19 data website which lists 106 fully vaccinated people in ICU. This begs the question how could the Ontario Science Table and/or National Post have gotten the true Covid 19 picture so wrong? And our politicians are making policy on the basis of misleading data – how ‘scientific’ is that?

It gets worse. The National Post also presents another graphic from the Ontario Science Table that is erroneous and misleading which claims that the unvaccinated in Ontario are the most ill. This graphic is totally misleading.

The data from the Ontario Covid 19 data website we already discussed shows that this graph is wrong. One reader made the comment that this graph is a complete falsehood and corrected the mislabelling:

Sam Smith11 HRS AGO



The corrections are as follows:

The blue line shooting up to 1327 is = Fully Vaccinated

NP graph shows the blue line as unvaccinated.

The black line at 441 = Unvaccinated

NP graph shows the black line as “partially vaccinated”

The yellow line at 100 = partially vaccinated

NP graph shows the yellow line as “fully vaccinated”

The mis-labelled graph is telling a complete false-hood.

from Comments to Ontario reports a record 2,472 patients in hospital with COVID-19, The Canadian Press, Publishing date:
Jan 07, 2022 

But it’s not about facts. This country has now become divided by a false narrative promoted by politicians from the very top that scapegoats the unvaccinated. The scapegoating provides a distraction and easy out for unscrupulous politicians who wish to remain unaccountable for their mismanagement. They are backed up by a legion of public health bureaucrats and the mainline media.

Dave Naylor of the Western Standard reported:

Trudeau also called unvaccinated Canadians science deniers.

“We are going to end this pandemic by proceeding with the vaccination,” said Trudeau in French.

. . . .

“They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space.

“This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people? Over 80% of the population of Quebec have done their duty by getting the shot. They are obviously not the issue in this situation.”

Trudeau calls the unvaccinated racist and misogynistic extremists, Dave Naylor, Dec 29, 2021

How long will the unvaccinated be tolerated in Canada? Will honest Canadian citizens have to start hiding them in attics and cellars? How long will the false narrative of scapegoating the un-vaccinated be promoted and turned into even deeper hatred to obscure the political responsibility for failing public health policy? Will Canada ever be what it once was – the True North Strong and Free?

Melting like snow under the sun . . .



A few months ago, I asked if the vaccine passport had an expiry date given the increasing evidence of the waning efficacy of the Covid Vaccines.

What will happen during the busy Christmas season as fully vaccinated ‘vaccine passported’ people go about enjoying the privileges of freedom of association and movement (afforded to those who are unquestionably obedient to authority) start contracting, spreading and being hospitalized by Covid 19 as they shop and feast?


And now we know. CBC reports:

Protection provided by COVID-19 vaccines against infection by the novel coronavirus has waned dramatically since the highly infectious Omicron variant started spreading across Ontario, according to data from the province’s Science Advisory Table.

The data shows that while having two doses does protect against severe illness among those who contract the virus, its ability to prevent infection altogether is plummeting, said Dr. Peter Jüni, the group’s scientific director.

Vaccine protection has fallen to 14.9 per cent — from nearly 90 per cent a month ago — for people who have received two doses, according to the data. 

Waning protection from 2 doses shows need for COVID-19 boosters, says head of Ontario’s science table, CBC News, Dec 27, 2021

What does this mean for the ‘vaccine passports?’ Dr. Juni says it best:

“Vaccine protection against infection is melting like snow under the sun,” Jüni said in an interview on CBC News Network. “Omicron is evading the immune system.

“In reality, there is no way — if it comes to infection — to distinguish anymore between a person who is not vaccinated and a person who has received two doses.”

Waning protection from 2 doses shows need for COVID-19 boosters, says head of Ontario’s science table, CBC News, Dec 27, 2021

Certainly Omicron is evading the artificial vaccine induced immunity Now the vaccine passport does nothing to stop the spread and arbitrarily is the only way to distinguish between a vaccinated and unvaccinated person. According to the Ontario Science Table there is no medical or public health justification for this mean-minded, divisive and useless policy as far as stopping or even slowing the spread of Covid 19.

Now our politicians and their public health bureaucrats are saying that vaccines ‘real purpose’ was always to reduce the risk of hospitalization and severe illness. They have changed their ‘tune’ – the real purpose of the vaccine was always to stop the spread.

Despite the clear weakening in protection from infection, the data shows that two doses continue to offer over 90 per cent protection against hospitalization and intensive care unit admission. 

Jüni said that’s proof that the vaccines have been successful at achieving their primary goal, although he warned that the situation could change in the coming days and weeks because, up until now, most people who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 were infected with the previously dominant Delta variant. 

“Only in the next few days, we will start to see an uptick in patients admitted for Omicron infections,” said Jüni. “That’s the delay you typically see.… We saw the uptick in case numbers for Omicron and now we will see the uptick in hospitalizations.”

Waning protection from 2 doses shows need for COVID-19 boosters, says head of Ontario’s science table, CBC News, Dec 27, 2021

The data for Ontario hospitalization and ICU admissions for Dec 24, 2021 shows that fully 50 percent of the Covid 19 hospitalizations were vaccinated and 25 percent of the ICU admissions were vaccinated. This does NOT look like anything near 90 percent protection against severe illness from Covid 19 for the vaccinated.

The situation in Quebec is similar to Ontario – out of control – as far as the ‘vaccine passport’ system goes. Westphalian Times reports:

The Quebec government is somehow still blaming the 5-10% of unvaccinated adults for the increase in COVID cases, yet data shows vaccinated individuals represent a majority of cases and hospitalizations. 

Canada has been a hot spot for COVID-related human rights violations. In most Canadian provinces, unvaccinated individuals have been banned from public events and restaurants. 

The Quebec government invoking the possibility of mandatory vaccination marks a new turn in the authoritarian politics of many Canadian provinces. 

As scientific evidence is piling up regarding the vaccinated ability to catch and spread COVID, policy-makers are still turning a blind eye to the data.

Canadian province says it ‘will not hesitate’ to make vaccination mandatory, SAMUEL RZ, DECEMBER 26, 2021

How long will our politicians and their public health bureaucrats be able to justify the state of medical apartheid Canadian citizens have been forced into? Certainly the vaccine passport system now fails the Oakes Test; “The Oakes test is employed every time the government tries to defend a restriction on the Charter rights of Canadians. . . . The test provides a mechanism for the courts to balance, on the one hand, the government’s ability to achieve its goals and, on the other, the protection of individual rights. This balancing test is now considered a cornerstone of Canadian constitutional law.” (Centre for Constitutional Studies)

The Ontario Science Table tells us that the vaccine passport system cannot stop the spread of Covid 19. Therefore there is no justification of restricting the right of freedom of movement and association of the unvaccinated. The vaccine passport system is arbitrary and serves no purpose. Even the claim that it reduces the risk of severe illness and hospitalization is being exposed by the emerging data. People aren’t getting as sick from Omicron because that’s the nature of this variant – not necessarily the ‘vaccine protection!’ Unvaccinated people have lost their jobs, social status (they have become pariahs) and their businesses which has left a huge toll on the entire fabric of Canadian society far in excess of the supposed benefit of the vaccine mandates. Especially when we recall their original purpose – to stop the spread.

It is only a matter of time before the vaccine passport system will be tested in court and shown to be what it is – a massive public health fail and governmental over reach.

Accountability will come.

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Covid 19 has everyone running scared – the politicians and their healthcare bureaucrats have often justified their decisions as made out of an ‘abundance of caution.’ History will judge them. Accountability will come. But before that how many hard working citizens, seniors and children will pay the price for this mismanaged pandemic?

How will history judge our leaders and their lackeys? The lockdowns, masking, school closures, vaccine mandates and breaches of medical rights to free choice and privacy are a matter of record. So is the data and science that has been ignored or discarded in support of these actions. It’s just a matter of time until the majority of people cool down from their fear induced hysteria and start experiencing the social, economic and medical consequences of the handling of the pandemic on a personal level. Then it will be time for accountability and restitution where possible.

What kind of actions will come under close scrutiny in the future?

CTV news reports:

A Toronto hospital network has put most non-essential outpatient care and non-urgent surgeries on hold as it works preserve resources to respond to an expected increase in COVID-19 patients.

Unity Health, which includes St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare and Providence Healthcare, made the announcement on Monday.

The network’s CEO Tim Rutledge said in a memo that the change will impact “all non-essential ambulatory care and surgical procedures” with the exception of “urgent and emergent cases.”

Toronto hospital network puts most outpatient surgical procedures on hold amid Omicron threat, Chris Fox, December 20, 2021 

There is cost to these decisions and it is a matter of record. CTV news reports:

Health-care delays and missed treatments during the pandemic may have contributed to more than 4,000 excess deaths in Canada between August and December 2020, according to a new report commissioned by the Canadian Medical Association.

The report released earlier this week noted the number of excess deaths not related to COVID-19 in 2020 was greater than can be explained by the virus alone, peaking in September 2020 at five per cent more than the expected mortality rate for a normal year. . . .

Dr. Katharine Smart said the group has seen a broad impact across the system when it comes to people being able to access acute care for non-COVID-related issues.

“(We’ve seen) many cancelled surgeries, many cancelled procedures, patients reluctant to go to the hospital for fear of COVID, or maybe worrying that their problem wasn’t significant enough, presenting late in the course of an acute illness when it was too late to actually be able to reverse the course of what was happening,” Smart said. “So, all of these things have had really significant impacts in terms of people’s survival outside of COVID itself.”

Delayed or missed health care may have led to thousands of non-COVID-19 related deaths during pandemic: report, Maria Weisgarber. CTV News Vancouver, Dec. 2, 2021 

This begs the question – Why is the decision to postpone surgery and cancel procedures being made? Hospital CEO’s make no bones about it:

Rutledge said that the hospital network is also moving all non-essential outpatient visits from in-person to virtual where possible.

“We know that any change we make to our services is distressing and challenging for our staff, patients and loved ones, and we will ramp up as soon as it’s safe to do so,” he wrote. “Right now we need to focus all of our efforts, our people and resources on caring for our patients and keeping up with this deadly virus.”

Toronto hospital network puts most outpatient surgical procedures on hold amid Omicron threat, Chris Fox, December 20, 2021 

What does the actual data show? Are our ICU’s being swamped by Covid patients with Covid 19 and the Omicron variant in particular? Is Covid 19 that deadly? Is Omicron that deadly?

Let’s take a look at the official data -which is a matter of record. The Ontario situation for the last 14 days doesn’t support delaying and shutting down surgeries and procedures. Rather the contrary is shown – we should have room for an influx of Covid patients. Nor are Covid patients crowding other patients in the ICU’s.


The FEAR narrative that mosly unvaccinated Covid patients have (and are) swamping our Ontario ICU’s has never been the case according to the official Ontario Public Health data – the capacity has always been there so could something else have been going on – perhaps the mismanagement of resources?


Let’s take a look at the official data for the Toronto area. In Toronto 11 patients are in the ICU with Covid and 36 are hospitalized – is this enough to swamp a first world city with a world class hospital system? What is going on?


If at sometime in the future CEO Tim Rutledge finds himself sitting in a court of law and is presented with this data, that was available to him and the rest of his peers what will he say? How will he justify his decision to focus solely on the danger of being swampted by Covid patients; “Right now we need to focus all of our efforts, our people and resources on caring for our patients and keeping up with this deadly virus.”

The next question, CEO’s like Tim Rutledge and his peers may have to answer in formal proceedings would be; ‘Why did you say Omicron was so deadly?’

Data is emerging from Europe (not just South Africa) that shows Omicron isn’t as ‘deadly’ as we are lead to believe. The Toronto Sun reports:

Omicron is serious, especially if you are unvaccinated, but it is proving less severe than the Delta variant.

That was the early data out of South Africa, where cases now appear to have peaked and are falling. Hospitalizations in that country were less than half of what they experienced at the peak of the Delta wave and ICU admissions were less than 25% of the Delta peak despite cases being significantly higher.

Hold on, said the experts, South Africa is not a good country to compare to Canada. The demographics are different — it has a much younger population — and the vaccination rate is much different. Instead, we were told to watch Denmark, a country with similar demographics and an identical vaccination rate to Ontario’s.

Last week, Dr. Steini Brown, head of Ontario’s Science Table, used Denmark in his latest modelling as a warning for Ontario and said that the early data showed similar results between Omicron and Delta.

“Cases are going up and hospital occupancy with COVID-19 is going up,” Brown stated.

Using the same data source, but with figures updated a week later, the severity of Omicron compared to Delta is much lower.

LILLEY: Good news from the state of Denmark regarding Omicron, Brian Lilley, Dec 21, 2021 

The data from Denmark shows that Covid19 as far as the variants including Omicron isn’t a pandemic of the ‘unvaccinated’ –

The data from Denmark also shows that their hospital system isn’t being swamped with Covid 19 patients – Omicron variant or otherwise –

As a matter of fact this Danish data shows that you are a third as likely to be hospitalized with Covid if you get the Omicron rather than Delta variant (0.5 % vs 1.4 %)

Lilley concludes:

“Every day that we aren’t seeing a surge in hospitalizations is a reason for a sigh of relief,” Dr. Neil Rau, an infectious disease specialist, said Tuesday.

“In neither Denmark nor the U.K., are we seeing a large surge in hospitalizations or ICU admissions.”

Rau is right about the U.K. where cases have doubled since mid-November , while hospitalizations and COVID deaths remained steady. Ontario has seen a spike in cases, but so far, not a corresponding spike in hospitalizations.

Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief medical officer, said he’s hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

LILLEY: Good news from the state of Denmark regarding Omicron, Brian Lilley, Dec 21, 2021 

How will politicians, their public health bureaucrats and hospital CEO’s respond to being presented with the data they ignored while making decisions that have negatively affected so many while protecting so few in what may well turn out to be the biggest public health fail so far in this century? Will their weak justification of ‘hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst’ hold any merit with the courts should they be brought before them?

There will be accountability.

An important public service notice to all ‘Vax cuffers’

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Vax cuffing is a new strategy to reduce Covid 19 anxiety during the holidays. Basically you only associate in a social bubble with those who have the same vaccination status as you do. Presumably if you only associate with vaccinated people you are safe from Covid 19 and the dreaded Omicron variant.

CTV news explains:

With the holiday season beginning and news of the Omicron COVID-19 variant dominating many conversations about safety and risk, an Ontario event planner is suggesting Canadians should be “vax cuffing” to help navigate risks.

Wendy Huggins, founder of TK Lifestyle and Design, spoke on CTV News Channel Sunday about the term, which she coined to mean Canadians who have been limiting their social interactions only with others who share the same vaccination status during the holidays.

Canadians should consider ‘vax cuffing’ during the holidays to avoid risks, event planner says, Christy Somos, CTVNews.ca, Monday, December 20, 2021 

Vax cuffing may reduce anxiety among those who avoid reality, preferring instead the happy denial of wishful thinking. But for those who want to pull their heads out of the sand and take a look around this is a public service announcement – VAX CUFFING MAY MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER BUT IT WON’T REDUCE RISK OR TRANSMISSION!

The Ontario Public Health data shows that the fully vaxxed are getting Covid 19 at a sky rocketing increase:


Every thinking Canadian in Ontario needs to check this data for themselves on a regular basis to stay informed.

Here is how you produce the graph from the Ontario Public Health site

Step 1 Go to the Ontario Public Health Covid site. Click on this link – https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data

Step 2 Select ‘Case numbers and Spread’

Step 3 Scroll down to this interactive graph


Step 4 Make all four changes in red shown below to the interactive graph

And then you produce a graph that shows the skyrocketing Covid 19 cases among the fully vaccinated in Ontario similar to the one presented earlier in this post.

You now have a very important tool that you can check the ‘advice’ and ‘(miss)information’ you are being fed by mainstream media, politicians and public health bureaucrats.

Or you can put your head back in the sand and engage in wishful thinking.

Your choice.

What kind of people are really filling up the ICU’s

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There’s a lot of talk about the selfish, ignorant, and stubborn unvaxxed clogging up the ICU’s and creating a crisis in the hospitals. The idea that- ‘because of the unvaxxed, people who really deserve those ICU beds are being shut out’ – is typical of this pathological thinking.

CTV News reports:

“I think it’s important for Canadians to see that this is real,” Dr. Sunjay Sharma, medical director of critical care, told CTV News. “None of these people thought two months ago they would end up here. And now they’re here. And some of them won’t survive.”

Inside this ICU, on the day of CTV’s visit, 30 per cent of the 45 beds are COVID-19 patients fighting for their lives, most of them infected recently.

And every person that was admitted during the fourth wave declined vaccination or just didn’t get around to it before they fell ill. 

“It’s crazy people don’t believe it,” Sharma said. “We come to work every day. This is real. It’s like someone telling you the sky is not blue.” . . .

And as the ICU fills up with COVID-19 victims and other patients suffering from urgent issues such as strokes, heart attacks and physical trauma, other surgeries get cancelled.

Inside an Ontario ICU where the COVID-19 patients are largely young, and all unvaccinated, , September 15, 2021 

The Canadian exposes the animosity of the vaxxed against the unvaxxed clearly:

“Unvaccinated COVID patients do not deserve ICU beds.”

“I have no empathy left for those who have not been voluntarily vaccinated. Let them die. “

In the unrestricted world of Twitter, comments like these, where the vaccinated say the unvaccinated deserve what they get, are becoming increasingly common. But even in the minds of people on the street, these feelings swirl into collective thoughts as the fourth wave of infections intensifies and vaccination rates stabilize.

When it comes to empathy for the unvaccinated, many of us don’t feel it, THE CANADIAN, August 26, 2021

Are the ICU’s filling up with selfish and stupid unvaxxed people pushing the capacity of the system and taking away spaces from those who deserve them – the vaxxed?

What does the Ontario Public Health data show? It shows that this is untrue!

Let’s take a look at the real situation in the ICU’s


The data clearly shows that the people in the ICU with Covid 19 (vaxxed and unvaxxed) take up only a small proportion of the available beds. The bulk of the people in the ICU’s are there for ‘non-COVID 19’ reasons. Notice also that there is a limit to the ICU beds available and it is being approached but the blame can’t be put on the unvaxxed people who get Covid and end up in the ICU (no matter how much you think they should just die in a ditch somewhere). What a surprise – most public health bureaucrats, hospital officials and politicians have been painting a totally different picture.

Why are we being mislead by the hospital officials and public health bureaucrats and politicians?

A Toronto Sun columnist nails it:

 [L]et’s use the Science Table’s assumptions. And those bring us to the concern that is motivating all this talk of restrictions: That by the end of the year there will be a certain volume of persons admitted to ICU beds (400-600 people) that is enough to overwhelm the hospital system.

Ignore for a moment the fact that these projections have been wrong more than they’ve been right. Let’s assume that this is what happens. The question we now need to ask is how is it that after almost two years of concern around hospital capacity we find ourselves almost back to square one, where a relatively small number of seriously ill people is enough to cause so much calamity for such a large and well-funded system? . . .

Our children did not suffer the developmental harms that came from school closures because of concern for the minimal risks that COVID-19 proved to them. No, society suffered because we were tasked with protecting the hospitals and doing damage control for the fact that our number of beds per capita sees us towards the bottom of various international rankings.

FUREY: This is now all about hospital capacity — so why isn’t it better after 2 years? Anthony Furey, Dec 16, 2021

So, there it is. Our hospital system is a wreck because it is mismanaged, top heavy and neglected by our politicians. But rather than face the truth we have opted to scapegoat the unvaxxed and inject our children with an experimental gene therapy ‘vaccine.’

Our ICU’s are full of very sick people who all need help and empathy not scorn and hate.

Sadly many Canadians are blinded by FEAR and fallen into hate.

A chart says it all!

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Yesterday I had a conversation with someone who disagreed with pretty much everything I’ve said about Covid 19 and the failure of our politicians and their appointed public health bureaucrats to deal with it. I didn’t get upset because this person has a right to his opinion of Covid 19 and my thoughts on it. But I wondered if he had really read (and studied) ‘everything‘ I had ‘said’ about Covid 19 in this blog.

His bottom line was; ‘Why should I believe you, Tony, when I have the word of the medical experts who know what their doing?’ Fair enough and at least he was clear. He trusts the medical experts more than someone who doesn’t have a PHd or Dr tacked onto their name. And he believes that our politicians who appointed them and ‘rely’ on their ‘scientific’ advice have no influence over their opinions. He also believes that if Big Pharma says a vaccine or booster or booster booster is what’s needed they must be right and not in anyway motivated by profits to have this opinion.

As the ‘conversation’ developed his inner anxieties where revealed; ‘Tony, people are dying like flies! This disease has killed so many and it keeps coming – if I get it I’m dead!’

I thought to myself – why isn’t he looking at the actual data for himself? He must be just scared and panicking?

Actually, this disease hasn’t killed ‘so many’ nor have many people contracted it. Chris Selly points out:

Only four per cent of Ontario’s (and Canada’s overall) population has had a recorded case of COVID-19 thus far — and most of them, of course, were unvaccinated.

The experts making apocalyptic Omicron predictions lost our trust long ago, Chris Selley, Dec 15, 2021 

Not only did a small percentage contract Covid 19, most survived! As far as Ontario is concerned – here is the government’s own data with some of my own thoughts overlaid on the chart:


As I was pondering the actual data from Ontario Public Health I thought; ‘If I can come up with these questions and observations, why can’t the mainstream news media? Why aren’t the journalists holding the politicians and their medical ‘medical experts’ accountable?’

Chris Selley observes:

At the moment, most of the world’s mainstream media are presenting the Omicron threat as a collection of unknowns. It’s just possible there might be some relative benefit, if it proves to be more contagious but less harmful, but there isn’t nearly enough information to count on that. And even if it’s true, the variant could still overwhelm health-care systems,  . . .

There’s another narrative, however, that says with remarkable certainty that almost literally everyone will get Omicron. That narrative seems to be concentrated not just in southern Ontario, but even more specifically among the province’s advisory “science table.” . . .

“This will reach every single person,” another U of T professor and science table member, Peter Juni, told both CTV News and the Star. (In his CTV interview Juni described as a “myth” the idea that Omicron might cause milder symptoms than other variants, but also, confusingly, said that ”we simply don’t know” what Omicron really has in store for us.)

The experts making apocalyptic Omicron predictions lost our trust long ago, Chris Selley, Dec 15, 2021

FEAR, FEAR, FEAR! But still most people ‘trust the experts.’ Why? Perhaps they are putting their heads in the sand hoping Covid will all go away if they are good, obedient and compliant. Most Canadians trust the experts even though the experts have failed;

Sixty-eight per cent said they would approve of reintroducing restrictions like social distancing and temporary lockdowns in Canada for certain public places and certain activities.

Most Canadians support strong border measures amid new Omicron COVID-19 variant: poll, ERIKA IBRAHIM, THE CANADIAN PRESS, DECEMBER 7, 2021

Chris Selley concludes:

We’ve heard a lot about how much politicians let Canadians down since March 2020, and quite rightly. But Canadians can vote those politicians out. When this is over, the medical and public-health communities have just as many existential questions to ask themselves about what they said, why they said it, and what damage they have done to the “trust the experts” mentality that generally serves us very well.

The experts making apocalyptic Omicron predictions lost our trust long ago, Chris Selley, Dec 15, 2021 

I don’t think the ‘trust the experts’ mentality has served Canadians well at all. The ‘trust the experts’ mentality has served to remove their accountability for the damage their ‘guidance’ has caused, allowed many to virtue signal while stifling legitimate criticism, silence alternative scientific points of view that are just as valid, and quash any real scientific dialogue that would yield real progress on developing effective strategies to cope with Covid.

Richard Feynman, a scientist of some repute said;

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. When someone says ‘science teaches such and such’, he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach it; experience teaches it” (The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, p.187).

Richard Feynman’s Philosophy of Science, https://philosophynow.org/issues/114/Richard_Feynmans_Philosophy_of_Science

What every, thinking and responsible citizen of Canada must ask themselves is – what has our experience with Covid 19 taught us about ‘the science of the experts?’

A simple chart says it all!

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