‘I think it has surprised us,’ Dr. Doug Manuel, a senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, said of the Omicron variant. ‘We expect new variants, but to see one at this time just before Christmas and on this trajectory … .’ PHOTO BY TONY CALDWELL /Postmedia

The National Post reports:

Omicron spread across Ontario takes experts by surprise with cases doubling every three days

Just weeks after it was first identified in South Africa, the highly contagious Omicron variant is spreading through Ontario with such speed that it has taken experts by surprise. The Omicron variant does not so much announce its presence as it smashes the door down.

Elizabeth Payne, Dec 13, 2021 

Why would our senior scientists be surprised by a development that even laymen have understood to be a very real and probable event?

An excellent analysis of Covid 19 by Dr. Bruce Hindmarsh (not a doctor of medicine) of the inept government policy developed in response to it states:

In the normal course of things, it is entirely expected that there will be ongoing variation and selection (adaptation) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the direction of higher transmissibility and lower virulence over time, arriving at endemic equilibrium. In this respect, it would be acting like other coronaviruses. As a recent article on historical epidemiology reminds us, “Every established respiratory pandemic of the last 130 years has caused seasonal waves of infection and has culminated in viral endemicity.”

Till We Have Faces – An Analysis of COVID-19 and Public Policy, p. 19, Bruce Hindmarsh, DPhil, November 2021

Yet our senior scientists and high ranking medical bureaucrats seem to be ‘gobsmacked;’

“As epidemiologists and public health officials, even we need to splash our faces with cold water for it to sink in,” said Dr. Doug Manuel, a senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and a member of Ontario’s science advisory table.

“The first time you see it, you don’t fully absorb it.”

Elizabeth Payne, Dec 13, 2021 

Perhaps the ‘cold water’ will wash the egg of their faces.

Data from Ontario Public Health indicates that for the first time more vaccinated people are coming down with Covid than unvaccinated people. And the trend is rising!


The vaccine passport system has failed as outbreaks among ‘fully vaccinated’ venues are cropping up with increasing frequency. Here are a few examples;

On Monday, the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington public health unit clamped down on indoor gatherings in the community amid a spike in COVID-19 cases, many of which are believed to be the Omicron variant. Earlier, Queen’s University cancelled all in-person exams amid surging cases.

Elizabeth Payne, Dec 13, 2021 

First Toronto Fire Services stations were hit with COVID-19 amongst vaccinated staff, now Toronto Police has been stung. After suspended 205 staff for non-vaccination compliance to prevent spreading the virus, the service has now seen outbreaks a Traffic Services and 11 Division.

Toronto Police Service dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks among vaccinated cops, Joe Warmington, De c 11, 2021

This isn’t new – back in April 2021 British Columbia reported a rise in breakthrough infections;

The number of breakthrough COVID-19 infections among B.C. residents who’ve received their first doses has doubled in less than two weeks.

There are now about 1,000 cases, according to Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer. In her last press briefing yesterday, she said the rate is still less than one percent of all vaccinated individuals.


What is new is that the scope of breakthrough infection and waning vaccine efficacy is becoming apparent to all. And our high ranking ‘science’ bureaucrats never saw it coming!

However they are not short on excuses and fear mongering – blame it on Omicron and promote the fear narrative:

For now, the Delta variant remains dominant in the province, but that will change within days. Omicron is likely to take over by the end of this week, bringing exponential growth of COVID-19 cases with it. Other countries have seen nearly vertical growth in cases when Omicron took over. . . .

It is likely most cases will be milder than with previous variants, as some data suggests and the federal government has reported in Canada. But its rate of spread could still cause serious problems for the already struggling health-care system, said Manuel. Health-care workers, for example, would have to isolate if they tested positive. With a rapid spike in cases across the community, that could severely hamper the ability of hospitals and other health institutions to provide services.

“It may be less virulent — we don’t know — but it has to be a lot less virulent for us not to run into serious issues with our health-care system.” . . .

In the U.K., which has called in the army to help with a vaccination blitz in the face of Omicron, one death related to the variant has been reported. Both the U.K. and Denmark, which are seeing Omicron-fuelled pandemic waves, are beginning to report hospitalizations.

Elizabeth Payne, Dec 13, 2021 

According to the scientists we have been told to listen to (the ones that didn’t see this coming) both the UK and Denmark are seeing Omicron-fuelled pandemic waves. Are they?

Let’s check the data:

Yes, there are new cases surging in the U.K.. and Denmark compared to Canada but people aren’t dying in droves. The hospitalization and ICU levels are not anywhere near what they were in the previous waves:


Are the waves in the UK and Denmark actually ‘Omicron-fuelled?’ Lets take a look at the data:


The data shows that the UK and Denmark have less Omicron than Canada! What are our officials talking about!!??

But our official scientists are still pushing the fearful ‘get vaccinated to save yourself and others narrative:’

The hope, said Manuel, is to slow transmission until more people receive third doses and more children receive first and second doses to better protect them and reduce disruptions. Even people with two doses can transmit and become infected with the Omicron variant. . .

“There are a lot of people being exposed today.”

Elizabeth Payne, Dec 13, 2021 

We can say Omicron is bringing clarity to this ‘pandemic’ – there are a lot of people being exposed today, especially our out-of-touch politicians and their appointed health bureaucrats and scientists. They have egg on their faces which can be washed off but what about the damage their ineptitude is causing children, young people and hard working citizens of Canada?