I just finished reading an editorial about the looming COVID-19 pandemic  in the Globe and Mail.  The author argues that our response to the challenges posed by this threat should be based on science and reason;

If the COVID-19 outbreaks bloom into a pandemic, this will be even more critical. Countries that put reason and science at the forefront of their responses will be the ones that come out the best at the other end.

imageThat’s not us!  Sadly our society has long departed from science and reason.  Our children are taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys and there’s no such thing as a fixed male and female – gender is fluid.  They are taught this by a cadre of ideologues  at all levels in our public school system who have abandoned science and reason.   All in the name of social justice and political correctness. toronto-pride-parade-20160703

The people that will be at the forefront of handling the COVID-19 pandemic aren’t any more (or any less) smarter than the teachers we put in front of our children.  And this includes our political leaders. Consider our Prime Minister, who was once a teacher.

We are in trouble!