Anything that affects the welfare and future of children is everyone’s concern. We live in community and the children are our collective future.  The first thing a person can do about the threat of Gender Ideology in schools is to realize that it’s everyone’s concern not just the parents.

Jenn Smith in her article “The Teen-Transgender Peer Pressure Time-Bomb: Lessons From the Life and Experiences of a Transgender Elder” concludes

. . .  many of the kids we see transitioning today are kids with wounded egos, very similar to myself when I was young; it is, I would argue, gross negligence as a doctor or as a parent, to take a wounded or confused child and accept their rejection of themselves and their biology, and then medicalize them onto a path from which there may be no return and could lead them to serious health problems or even early death. Just say “no” to promoting gender change in our children. By placing young people in a gender role their bodies are not designed to fulfill and putting them in a situation where they will be subjected to enormous peer pressure to look the part, you may actually be planting a time-bomb in their lives and end up destroying more children than you help.

The first thing a member of the community and parent can do is educate yourself about Gender Ideology by looking at people who have lived out this ideology to their regret –


When school boards promote Gender Ideology and glamorize changing genders, children are put at risk. learning commons ucdsb pride This is not the time for silence. This is not the time for indifference or  apathy (it’s not my problem)  This is not the time for ‘fear of man’ or ‘what the world will think of me’ to hold you back.  This is not the time to be silent because silence allows problems to grow.

This is the time to; ‘Just say “no” to promoting gender change in our children!’  Just say ‘no’ to  the Gender Ideology that the Gender Warriors in the classroom and the school boards are pushing on to your children.  Gender Warriors can be bullies so expect push-back and being called names.  This is not the time to be afraid for ourselves.  It is the time to stand up for the children in our community!

If you have the courage to stand up for the children in our schools here are two resources to help you or your group  get started.   The Gender Ideology Pamphlet  will help you understand the situation and gives practical pointers on what you can do.

If you or your group is interested in a detailed presentation on Gender Ideology in schools and the experiences that my friend and I have had in dealing with our local school board please review this link to the outline and feel free to contact me as per the information in the outline.

Remember Edmund Burke’s piercing statement;

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.