Many apologists for Ontario’s new sexualized Physical and Health Education Curriculum claim that parents will  have the option to opt out of the more ‘offensive’ parts of the material presented in this curriculum.    Madeline Smith of the Globe and Mail reports;

Ms. Wynne said parents who object to the curriculum can withdraw their children from certain parts of it, but parent protesters say not all schools accommodate this, and at least one superintendent is uncertain how to deal with a large number of requests to opt out.

New Ontario health curriculum to go ahead despite protests, Wynne says.  Madeline Smith, The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, May 05 2015

Faisal Kutty writing for the Huffington Post states;

The two key areas of tension around the new curriculum revolve around the age appropriateness of specific information and exposure to the LGBTQ community.

With regard to the former, legislation grants parents the right to have their children exempted from sessions when they think it inappropriate. However, the government failed in properly articulating this and showing respect for parental autonomy. It must reiterate this right and explain how it will facilitate this right (except of course in the context of discrimination).

The curriculum is aimed at preparing kids to navigate the complicated interpersonal and sexual situations in today’s hyper-sexualized world. Opponents have latched on to a number of provisions.

Faisal Kutty, The Miseducation of Ontario’s New Sex Ed Curriculum, The Huff Post: 05/21/2015

This is a false option.   The legislation may grant parents the right to opt out for specific lessons in the  new ‘sexualized’ Physical and Health Education curriculum but the real problem is that the proponents of the new curriculum have a greater agenda in mind.  They wish to engage in social engineering by changing the  mindset of children to accept dubious gender based theories and abandon deeply held religious convictions of human sexuality and family.

Ophea, (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association) a major partner and advocate of the new curriculum aims to transform schools into ‘safe’ places for GLBTTQ youth by challenging and changing any views that run counter to the full acceptance of their view of human sexuality.  Ophea’s website distributes a manual that will go hand in hand with the new ‘sexualized’ Physical and Health Education Curriculum;

Like other forms of social exclusion,homophobia, heterosexism and transphobia are harmful to young people’s health and well-being – including their sexual health. This manual was developed as part of the National Safe Spaces Project with the aim of providing a framework to assist educators and other adults who with youth meet the needs of GLBTTQ youth. The manual is geared towards smaller urban and rural communities, where the size of GLBTTQ is smaller and support services more limited than in larger centres. The manual includes tools to support community mobilization, policy development, safer environments, inclusive sexual health education, and training others in sexual and gender diversity.

The hidden ‘cross curricular’ agenda is explicitly stated in this manual;

Educators need to integrate GLBTTQ issues throughout the curriculum—not just in classes such as health education, but also in disciplines such as English, History, Art and Science. Pre-existing curricula should be broadened to include GLBTTQ images where appropriate (such as in studies of the Holocaust and Civil Rights Movement). Current events, popular music and film, and other media that include GLBTTQ people and issues should be regularly discussed in class. Classroom libraries, story times, and assigned reading should be thoughtfully structured to include the full range of human diversity. Finally, educators should take advantage of teachable moments, treating questions, comments and instances of name-calling as opportunities to educate students about GLBTTQ people and issues. Children spend the majority of their time in class. As long as GLBTTQ issues are seen as special and outside the classroom, students will continue to see queer people as marginal.

Creating Safe Spaces for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-Spirited and Questioning (GLBTTQ) Youth, p 54

Deeply held religious convictions and attitudes are now being converted to homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism.  George Orwell told us that those who control the language control all – “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ” ― George Orwell

What conservative religious parents have taught  children to believe and aspire to are now harmful myths under the new sexualized curriculum.  And it is to be challenged as early as grade 3:

At this level [K-3], it is important to broaden students’ understanding of what families are. Read a story as part of a broad-based unit on families that looks at foster, uclear, adoptive, divorced, singleparent, same-sex, extended and traditional family structures. Try to include as many books as possible with good representations of ethnic minorities, as most children are not exposed to books like this anywhere else. Using stories about a variety of family models may dispel myths that all families are alike in composition.

Creating Safe Spaces for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-Spirited and Questioning (GLBTTQ) Youth, p 67

It is a nasty bit of political ‘slight of hand’ to falsely placate parents with the notion that they can ‘opt out’ of the new ‘sexualized’ Physical and Health Education curriculum when the material is to be incorporated into all aspects of public schooling.  Public school teachers are being trained for the delivery of this material across the curriculum throughout the entire school experience.  This kind of approach is nothing short of the indoctrination of children into a belief system that is contrary to their parents deeply held religious convictions.

It is happening right now in the schools.  Workshops and professional development days are being devoted to the training of teachers for this social engineering.  For the Ottawa area,  Brier Dodge reports:

The teacher workshops are based on feedback from previous years and may focus on ways to make the curriculum more inclusive of all types of students. One teacher workshop was about how to use LGBTQ-themed books in kindergarten through Grade 8 classrooms, such as using children’s books with a diverse range of families. . . .

The intention is that the teachers from each school will take back what they’ve learned to the rest of the teacher population., Students join together for Rainbow Forum – Board’s largest conference draws youth from across city. by Brier Dodge, Nov 27, 2014

Anyone who argues that ‘opting out’ is a real option either isn’t aware of the reality in our public school system or is being very disingenuous with the public.  It’s time for the whole truth to come out!