Most people would agree that lying to children who trust you is wrong.  What happened to the teachers at Roseland Public School?  The National Post reports; ” A southwestern Ontario school board is speaking out against teachers who pulled an elaborate prank on a group of Grade 8 students in Windsor.  A spokesman for the Greater Essex County School Board says teachers used ‘poor judgment’ when they led students to believe they were going on a graduation trip to Disney World.  Scott Scantlebury says teachers at Roseland Public School prepared a PowerPoint presentation, complete with pictures and video, to lead the kids to believe the trip to Florida was in the works.”Roseland Public

The kids were devastated when they found that they were only going to a bowling alley and the trip to Florida was a hoax.   The teachers who organized this hoax on the entire grade eight class are still employed at the school.  The  conclusion of the matter, “The hope is now that we can put this behind us and learn from a very hard mistake.” begs the question ‘what has been learned’?

The kids have learned that you can lie and get away with it if you have an official position and the appropriate apologies are made.  The teachers learned that  you can lie and get away with it.  The article points out that;  “. . . the board is not investigating the matter further and declined to discuss whether disciplinary actions were being taken against the teachers involved.  The two staff members directly involved in the prank are still employed at Roseland, . . . .”  The public has learned that once again our important social institutions blunder along without a moral compass and only the innocent pay the price.

As more public school boards in Ontario ban the Bible   I wonder;  What will it take for people to see this as the big mistake that it is?  Perhaps if the teachers were familiar with the ninth commandment they would have been able to figure out that perpetrating this hoax was not only a bad idea but morally wrong!