Every year around April I open up my pond.  The first step is to empty out the leaves and water from rain and snowmelt that has accumulated over the fall, winter and spring. HPIM1924 The ice has to completely melt and I bail out the water and leaf muck with a pail.  The next step HPIM1961is to scrub any algae flakes off the liner.  If any rocks are out of place or leaning too much they must be straigtened up.   Then I use a pressure washer to spray the liner clean.  When the liner and the rocks are all straightened out it’s time to hook up the pump and waterfall plumbing.  The pump that circulates the water in the pond up through the waterfall is a simple utility pump.HPIM1972  It is inexpensive and lasts a long time.  The hoses are simple garden hoses cut to length HPIM1950and hidden by the rocks.  Once the pump has been placed in the pond and the hoses have been hooked up then it is a simple matter to fill the pond with water.  When the pond has been filled then the fish can be placed in it.  This is a happy time for the fish as they have spend the winter months in a tub in the cellar.  They love the freedom of the pond.  Once the fish are in the pond, the waterfHPIM1927all can be started up. And another season of ponding begins.  The pond is still very ‘bare’ with little green growth.  May and June are the months when all the plants start shooting up.HPIM3148