Some actions break trust.  When a line is crossed a person’s  life changes forever.  One of the most tragic examples of this is when teachers take advantage of kids.  In Ontario, we pride ourselves in the Character Education that the Ministry of Education has developed to help our children grow into trustworthy, healthy adults.    Events in the news continue to show that we shouldn’t neglect or make any assumptions about the character of their teachers.

The article in the  National Post about the resignation of the Chairperson of the Ontario College of Teacher’s discipline committee who had written a ‘steamy’ novel about teenager sex (click to see cover of novel) illustrates my point.    The article depicts the book in the following way;  “The novel, written for teens, features a high-school freshman described as having a ‘gorgeous bosom’ and ‘barely fleshy buttocks’ exploring her sexuality.”

What surprises me is that this teacher is still a member IN GOOD STANDING with the College of Teachers;   “ ‘I have accepted Mr. Tremblay’s resignation,’ the group’s chairwoman Liz Papadopoulos  said in the online statement.  ‘The college makes every effort to maintain public confidence in the teaching profession’s self-regulatory processes.’  Tremblay, who could not be reached for comment, is still a teacher with the public French-language school board in eastern Ontario, and is in good standing with the College of Teachers.”

This doesn’t help me place much confidence in the system.   There are always victims when it comes to exploitation of any kind.   In my opinion writing a book about ‘steamy teen sex’ for teens to read inevitably leads to unneeded confusion and pain for  some young person.  It is pathetic that the Bible is all but banned in public schools while a teacher can write a ‘teen sex novel’ with impunity.  Go figure!