This is the way out to the pond past my wood shed, by my garden.

My first pond was made many years ago. This picture shows the way out to the pond that goes by my wood shed. You can see that we like lots of flowers and walk ways.In the foreground we see large trumpet flowers and the white flowers are cleomies. The walkway itself is made of flat limestone rocks that I picked up at a quarry.

I have gold fish that enjoy summers in the pond. For the first couple of years they bred and at the end of every season I would have some small grey gold fish babies.

This is the pond in its original location at the back of my yard. Notice the foating plands that cover it's surface. This is algae control at its best - cut down on the sunlight reaching the water.

Every summer frogs move into the pond and stay until autumn when I close up the pond. The fish are moved into the basement in a tub and the pond is drained. When I have baby fish I have to pass all the water through a strainer to find the babies.