Hopefully, tonight I’ll be heading over to a good friend’s place.  We carve duck decoys together.  Over the years we have developed a small carving club – the South Nation Carvers.  I’m currently working on a pair of wood ducks. They are at the painting stage.  Wood ducks are very colourful decoys so it will be a challenge to carefully paint in all the details.  I use inexpensive ‘Dollar Store’ acrylic paints.  A final coat of varnish brings out a nice vivid finish.

Bob is a very accomplished wood-carver.  He got me started years ago.  He does really nice detail work and carves more  than just duck decoys.

Bob carved this figure for the guy that cleans his chimney.  As you can see this project required a lot of inventiveness  illustrated by the miniature chimney brush.  Bob had to make a small cardboard flat figure with articulated limbs to use as a model for the little man in order to get the proper and realistic positioning of the figure’s limbs.  Being a retired ‘bush pilot’ Bob is quite inventive and is able to ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ in order to come up with imaginative carvings.  He’s a great teacher and a good friend.